About Settle Rite, owners

Who we are; What we are accomplishing

You can call us a family owned, home improvement business because our Founders, Teris and Charles, are as close to family as two friends can get. Having first met in college, the two buddies have remained close and worked together for nearly 20 years. Their families are close and you might often get to meet their wives or children who help out from time to time as Settle Rite's "Head Inspector Unit" :)  (Teris has 3 daughters and Charles has 1 son).

Teris' background is in home improvement with a strong background in implementing new technologies within the industry. Having grown  up in the business, he has worked on vacant and pre-sale properties for as long as he can remember. It was over the course of his career that he has always worked to bring new technologies into his companies to improve efficiency and ultimately lower the prices that his client pay. Previous projects include an online platform for homebuilders and  contractors, and he was one of the first main stream solar installers in the Maryland, D.C. area.

Charles has a similar background however instead of tech, his specialty was finance/ logistics. Having grown up in the electrical business and in the small island nation of The Marshall Islands, it was always a challenge to help customers obtain materials  (often by ship)! 

Our Goals

We want to help home sellers increase value in their homes and fly through home inspection repairs. Overall, this includes delivering reliable services at affordable price and favorable payment terms- hence our main feature that includes "no payments until closing".

Home Improvement and FinTech Entrepreneurs

Home Improvement and FinTech Entrepreneurs