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Settle Rite Concierge & Management

When Efficiency matters

5% of all real estate contracts fall through. The number 1 reason ? . .  Home Inspections.

Home inspection repairs are a stressfull and serious matter. There is a lot on the table and all work is being negotiated and observed by each involved party. Not to mention time is "of the essence".

Settle Rite works their hardest to help you go through this process. Whether it is using our proprietary bid collection system to get the lowest prices or the intuitiveness of our recommend professionals which help insure your repairs get through inspection, the concierge is something that many consider a deal-saver.*

*Concierge service is currently available on a limited basis. Contact us for more info. 


Frequently asked Questions:


Does it add to my cost?

Yes, but not really. With Concierge , the management service do come with a fee but they are built into your final cost. Because we use the best in the business, they also know how to keep costs lower so very often, you get the concierge services for less than what you would pay otherwise. 

Are the Pros licensed?

100%. Although Settle Rite is not a licensed contractor (we don't do any physical work), all pros that work on your job are either (1) self licensed), or (2) directly work for or under the supervision of a licensed pro. You may be selling your property but we still ask everyone to guarantee their work for it's expected lifetime. 

What happens if work is sub-standard?

You control the entire process. If your are dissatisfied with the work performed, you can reject payment. We can even help find a replacement contractor to make repairs. 

How is approval decided?

There are no credit checks and no marks on your credit report (Settle Rite does not effect your ability to obtain your next mortgage). The approvals for this program are based on your home's equity, the amount of work to be performed, and your assessed value or contract price. 

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