Pre-Sale Home Improvement Renovations and Repairs

Coming soon. . . Honolulu

Settle Rite will be opening a branch in Honolulu Summer 2020. 

- If you are a homeseller and need pre-market updates or renovations

- If you are a homeseller and need repairs based on the home buyers home inspection report

- If you are a Realtor whose client need any of the work above, or you simply need another opinion,

We can help!

Settle Rite offers 3 options:

1. Before listing, meet with Settle Rite and perform a Free In-Home Assessment. We walk through the house with the homeowner and Realtor to help determine which items in the home need improvement or updating, and which are good for market. Our approach is methodical, because we believe a shotgun renovation is rarely needed.  Once the assessment is done, we send you estimates for the work. Then, we perform the work but no payments are due until closing.

2. Once a home is under contract, the Realtor of Homeowner can send the Buyers home inspection report to us. We offer free, itemized estimates so you can negotiate the contract addendum with proper information. Then, once agreed, we perform the work and all payments are deferred until closing/ settlement.

3. If you need any of the work above (pre-sale, or inspection repairs), but you already have your own contractor? Send us their invoice and we can help arrange deferred payments with your pro. They get paid once work is complete, but you (the homeowner) still do not need to pay until closing/ settlement.

Interested in learning more? Settle Rite will be opening in Honolulu Summer 2020!