**Winter is the time to Sparkle Spring Listings. Renovate before your sell, pay at cl

Example projects

Kitchen update (Columbia, MD)

New kitchen cabinets and appliances to improve homeseller value.

This seller had a kitchen that was outdated. But, due to work from a previous owner, the rest of the home was recently updated. Settle Rite did a quick rehab of the kitchen, improved value and provided an ROI of 300%.

Termite Repairs (Jessup, MD)

Replacement of stairs and woodwork on a home for sale.

Imagine getting an inspection report and that squeaky step is more than just a sound. Settle Rite removed the stair treads, made structural repairs, and then reworked the wood for a seamless repair that jettisoned this homeowner right to settlement.

Condo Renovation (Suitland, MD)

Pre-Sale Condo Renovation, Suitland Maryland (Prince George’s County)

This 2 bedroom condo sits just outside of Washington D.C. and is in a growing suburb. Settle Rite performed a quick, 2 week renovation (it was hard, we admit), and nearly doubled the value of the condo. New floors, paint, appliances, the whole kitten caboodle PLUS no payments until closing.

Siding Repair, Glen Burnie MD


More info coming soon.

To-Do List Knockouts, Westminster MD


Due to various reason, this single family home needed some TLC. Before heading to market, we helped put together the “To-Do List” and performed the work that added immeasurable value.

Painting, Laurel MD


The pink room of a little girl is cute, but not an asset for home sales. Settle Rite did a simple repaint of several rooms to help this property hit the market and get sold.

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