Typical Payment Terms


We provide payment processing

EFynch does not perform any physical work and is not a contractor. Instead, EFynch offers payment processing, which allows for payments to be delayed. 

When are Payments Due

When you sign up for deferred payments, you agree to pay by the earliest of the following days. Either the 120th day after work is completed, or at settlement/ closing of the property for which work was performed.


If you have work that needs to be performed, contact EFynch to set up the Settle Rite Program. If you already have a contractor, we will need to verify their license, insurance, and perform a background check. If you do not have a contractor already, we can help you bid the project using our competitive bid board which has licensed contractors available and pre-vetted. 

EFynch Terms and Conditions

The information listed here is governed by the EFynch Terms and Conditions, In the event of any conflict, those Terms and Conditions are the governing rules. 

All work physical work is governed by a Home Improvement Contract and no work shall be performed without this.