Pre-Settlement Home Repairs. No Payments Until Closing.

Pre-Sale Home Repairs

Definitions of Terms

Deferred Payments: The payment deal offered through the settle rite program. Typically payment is required at settlement of a property for work and home improvements performed pre-sale. 

Home Buyer: The party that is buying your home, post-sale.

Home Inspection: A 3rd party review of a home sellers property to determine various issues a home buyer might encounter.

Payment: Refers to EFynch's Deferred Payment system. The exchange of funds from the home seller to the contractor, handyman, or pro performing work. 

Plumber: A licensed trade or contractor that is able to work on plumbing (water, gas, etc.) and public utilities.

Pre-Sale: A home Seller is in "pre-sale", meaning their home is listed with a real estate agent (realtor), is on the market, under contract, in contingency, or pending. 

Site Visit: Typically required by most contractor (not settle rite), this is a contractor or salesman visiting a project to verify information. Usually a home inspection report can replace the initial site visit. 

Pre-Sale Home Repair & Improvement Examples
Pre-Sale Home Repair & Improvement Examples

Pre-Sale repair services (Geographic Availability)

District of Columbia

Pre-Sale Home Improvement Washington D.C.

Deferred payments available for pre-sale home improvements in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas. 

Annapolis, Maryland

Pre-Sale Home Repairs, Annapolis Maryland. Home Inspection Repairs.

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Baltimore, Maryland

Home Inspection repairs baltimore

Home Inspection Repairs and pre-sale marketing improvements available with deferred payments in the Baltimore and surrounding areas.

Columbia, Maryland


Home Inspection repairs and deferred payments in Columbia, Maryland, Ellicott City and surrounding areas.

Northern Virginia

Arlington, Alexandria, Chantilly pre-sale home improvements & home inspection repairs (coming soon).

Home Inspection repairs and pre-sale improvements with deferred payments are coming soon to Northern Virginia.



EFynch and Settle Rite are currently evaluating other markets, please reach out if you metro area is not listed above but you need home inspection repairs, we may still be able to help.

Ready for repairs? General Questions? reach out!

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