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We are expanding and looking for vendors in Metro, D.C. (D.C./ Maryland/ Northern Virginia). Licensed vendors wanted.

How we work: We have several affiliate partnership Realtors. They send us an inspection lists. We work with inspector to determine the exact request of repairs. Then, we send that to you, for pricing.

You determine pricing, when work is complete, we pay you- - - same day.  All  trades  and  skills  needed.  

- Must be licensed

- Must be skilled

- Must be thorough 

- Must perform clean work and be professional

Common  tasks  include:

-  Window  repairs

-  Smoke  detector  installation

-  Deck  repairs

-  Roof  Repairs  and  installs

-  Painting

-  Appliance  installation

-  etc.

Other  Info:

-  You  do  not  have  to  bid  if  the  project  does  not  meet  your  skillset  or  you  are  busy  with  other  jobs.

-  Your  work  will  be  inspected  by  a  home  inspector,  we  expect  your  work  to  meet  guidelines,  building  codes,  etc.

-  You  must  keep  a  clean  job  site.  Most  sites  are  vacant  but  occasionally  you  will  have  to  work  in  occupied  dwellings.

-  We  will  pay  for  materials  up  front,  your  are  paid  when  job  is  complete.  If  you  require  a  deposit  on  larger  jobs,  you  must  let  us  know  when  supplying  your  Estimate.   

If you are interested in learning more, contact us. 

Settle Rite Contractors

Settle Rite Contractors

Get started- Please provide information and list skillsets.

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