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Stick with who you know but enjoy the same payment plan

No credit checks and fast approvals.

This program is for those who already have their own home improvement contractor but simply need payment deferral for their home inspection repairs.

Submit the inspection report with your written estimate. Settle Rite works directly with your own chosen pro so they get paid up front, but you don't have to pay until closing.

The best part, it is not expensive. Our Payment Deferral program  rarely ads more than a couple of dollars to your project but gives flexibility and the ability to avoid Buyer Concessions


Frequently asked Questions:


Does it add to my cost?

Yes, but the increase in cost is marginal and provides you the flexibility to delay payments until closing. We find our fees are generally lower than what buyer concessions cost.

Does my Pro need to be licensed?

Yes. In order to participate in the Settle Rite program, your contractor must be licensed to do all required work in your local jurisdiction.

What happens if work is sub-standard?

You control the entire process. If your are dissatisfied with the work performed, you can reject payment. We can even help find a replacement contractor to make repairs. 

How is approval decided?

There are no credit checks and no marks on your credit report (Settle Rite does not effect your ability to obtain your next mortgage). The approvals for this program are based on your home's equity, the amount of work to be performed, and your assessed value or contract price. 

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